2D projections of the 6D Galactic kinematics of the young, planetary-mass object EROS-MP 0032-4405. Top: Projections of EROS 0032's Galactic velocities for different radial velocities (purple) compared to known members of three young moving groups, TucHor (green), Beta Pic (blue), and AB Dor (red). Bottom: Projections of EROS 0032's Galactic positions compared to the same moving groups. Based on its kinematics and indications of young age, this object could be a member of the Beta Pic or TucHor groups and is likely 20-40 Myrs old. Such young free-floating planets are excellent analogs to giant planets imaged in orbit around nearby, young stars. The properties of EROS 0032 are described in detail in Manjavacas, Bonnefoy, Schlieder et al. 2014 and Gagne et al. 2014.


Joshua E. Schlieder